CME Accreditation

InQuill Medical Communications itself is not accredited for CME units.

However, we do have relationships with numerous accrediting bodies who will accept programming proposals from InQuill. They know we are reputable and will deliver quality materials in the correct format.

We do have two accreditation services to offer.

CME Accreditation

InQuill, through our sister company “Collaborative Medicine Education Institute” can acquire accreditation for your program. We review your materials, arrange for appropriate communications between you and your faculty, and apply for accreditation. The cost for this service depends on how many activities you have, how many faculty, and how many CME certificates you anticipate.

CME Consulting

InQuill consults with organizations when they are new to accreditation, or when they want to re-apply for accreditation. This includes reviewing activities, files, information requirements, and preparing you for a visit by a field auditor.