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“After writing several scientific papers myself, along with my staff, I could no longer fit it in, as the day to day operations of running a medical clinic took over. I felt compelled to try to get more papers in print because as someone who practices Prolotherapy, a lesser known technique for Ross Hauser MD, Caring Medical Prolotherapyrelief of chronic pain (by the regeneration of structures such as tendons, ligaments, menisci, labrum and cartilage), I felt it necessary to document our results and get them in peer-reviewed journals.

I have found the process of working with InQuill Medical very easy and professional. I talk to one of the owners about the paper I desire written (it has ranged from comprehensive reviews on a particular topic, to a paper concerning results with Prolotherapy done at our clinic), I then quickly receive a bid from them. In the bid are basically deadlines to get the paper done and the majority of the papers get done and are in peer-reviewed journals within a year! The previous professional writers I had used took up to four years, it was a nightmare. InQuill also regularly communicates with you to let you know where the process stands. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the writing, as the papers being published is also confirmation that the writing is professional and high quality.

I will admit compared to individual professional writers, InQuill’s services/writers have cost a little more, but the amount of time I have saved, has allowed to focus my time on building my business, versus rewriting papers. Every paper I have wanted InQuill Medical to do for me has been published in a peer-review journal (we pick out which journal together). I am confident that from my experience, the best value for the money spent (and thus time saved) for medical writing is InQuill Medical.”

Ross A. Hauser, M.D.
Author ‘Prolo Your Pain Away!’ and over 20 scientific papers on Prolotherapy

“It has been a pleasure working with you on the Pain Management Dr_John_D_Loeser_UWCME project for Penn CME Best Practice Series. I was impressed by the thoroughness of your research on each of the three topics we produced and by the clarity of your writing. Your organizational skills made this an easily accomplished project from my perspective, as you did almost all the work! Over the past forty years, I have worked on a variety of CME projects; this was one of the most pleasurable for me. Finally, I think that we produced a superb product for Penn CME. If you wish to use me as a reference for future projects, please do not hesitate to call upon me.”


John D. Loeser, M.D.
University of Washington Medical Center
Recognized expert in the surgical treatment of pain and multidisciplinary pain management.

“I have hired InQuill many times for CME coverage of Lee_Lipsenthal_MDmedical education programming. InQuill staff are quick, bright, and responsive. They are always friendly and very helpful. InQuill also helped me a great deal with content editing of complex material and done a brilliant job. I highly recommend InQuill to you.”

Lee Lipsenthal, MD (1957-2011)
Founder, Finding Balance in a Medical Life

“I want to thank you so very much for all your efforts and Andrea_Argenbrightassistance in helping me through the Foundation’s reaccreditation self-study process. I know there are so many others out there who could use your help as they go through the reaccreditation process. Having you as a resource with a true understanding of the CME world and the ACCME’s policies was invaluable. Your ability to help me coalesce my thoughts and organize my review was a service that has long been needed for organizations large and small. Truly, my heartfelt thanks.”

Andrea Argenbright
Managing Director
Office of Continuing Medical Education
The Dulaney Foundation

“I am happy to write this endorsement. InQuill assisted our company in acquiring continuing education accreditation for seven different health professions for an important certification program for clinicians. She is extremely knowledgeable in the area of continuing education accreditation and guided us through the entire process. She is very organized, efficient, easy to work with, and very professional. She kept me informed of the progress of our project and got the work done in record time. I recommend her highly!”

Lisa Lehnhoff
Director of Marketing
HeartMath, LLC

“We have worked closely with InQuill for a number of years and have found them to be extremely Marion_Hauser_MS_RDprofessional to work with. They have taken what has been months of work on our part and streamlined it into a workable systemic approach to getting our medical papers published in peer-review journals. All of their writers are excellent. We are so happy to have found InQuill to help us be able to continue our clinical practice of seeing patients, while the work continues on the papers!”

Marion Hauser, MS, RD
President at Sorridi Business Consulting, CEO Caring Medical