InQuill Medical Inbound Marketing System
The Five-Step Method to turn your Target Audience
into Participants and Promoters.

Put your Content Expertise together with ours in Medical Inbound Marketing, and together we’ll expand your database, grow your memberships, and increase marketing ROI.


Attract OptIn Register Delight Retain InQuill Medical  
Attracting your Target Audience is Job #1. We’ll identify keywords phrases and help you create blog content, dispersed on social media, to make you the “go to” expert.
When Visitors land on your website, incent them to Opt-In with their name and email. We’ll track opt-in percentage, so you can communicate with more Leads about your value.
We nurture your Leads with workflows, emails and tracking, so they are incented to become Registrants of your programs or membership.

We delight your Participants with content geared to them, social media interactions, and if desired, our Continuous Engagement(TM) Program.
In the end, we’re looking for Participants to become Promoters of your work. That’s what drives future ROI for Medical Inbound Marketing.


An Example of our work.
Our YouTube results on our ADHD in Adults project after just 6 weeks. We occupy 5 out of the top 12 spots on YouTube. Those results bring in web visitors for an outstanding ROI.