ROI Pricing
Designing Your Medical Inbound Marketing
for a Good Return

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InQuill Medical Inbound Marketing Assessment Free ConsultOur most important task in Medical Inbound Marketing is to get you an acceptable Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you are funded by a grant and providing your offering at no charge to participants, or you have a service or product you want to “sell”, we understand that you are looking for a good “return” on the money you spend.

ROI Pricing depends on consulting with you about your goals and requirements:
– How many new participants you want to attract
– How quickly you need to attract them and get them engaged in your offering
– How much you can afford to pay per new participant

Your goals and requirements will help us determine together the kinds of services we provide and ROI Pricing you can afford for your project.

Our Engagement with Clients
To get you a satisfactory Return on Investment, we work with our Clients on the following basis:

Complete Program We develop a Complete Medical Inbound Marketing Program for you, with your consultation and agreement. We’re looking to be engaged with blogging, posting to social media, campaigns, emails and tracking, analytics and reporting. That’s how we assure you of the best ROI.
One Year Commitment We’ll work quickly to analyze your situation and goals, and then build campaigns, web properties as necessary, and content to attract your Target Audience to become Participants and Promoters. 12 months are necessary to see full results.
Minimum Pricing We work with clients for a minimum compensation of $2,500 per month. If we can’t get you a good ROI, we won’t take on your work. Our monthly compensation again depends on your goals and timing.

Customizable Services
Below are the breadth of services we offer in different levels of engagement.

Service Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Account Management Hours 3 Hours 6 Hours 18 Hours
Blog Writing and Posting 4 Posts 6 Posts 10 Posts
Social Media Posting 4 Posts 6 Posts 10 Posts
Offer Management 2 Offers 4 Offers 6 Offers
List, Opt-in, Email Management 2 Sessions 4 Sessions Six Sessions
Web Properties We design and build websites and social media web pages.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) We optimize your website and postings with keywords so people find you.
Video Series We produce video series for YouTube and Long-form training videos.
Webinar Hosting We design, schedule and host live and pre-recorded online webinars to share your expertise.

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