4 Top Reasons to Work with InQuill
   – Expertise
   – Innovation
   – Clients and Kudos
   – Awards

1. Our Expertise

InQuill has over two decades of experience in a unique combination of medical education, grant application, and multi-media.

We are expert in:
1) adult learning
2) medical writing

3) continuing medical education, and
4) grant research and writing.
We combine these talents with the know-how and tools to:
5) manage large projects
6) publicize and disseminate your content to learners and stakeholders, and
7) get your participants engaged over extended periods of time for improved learning and outcomes

2. Our Innovation

InQuill is an innovator in medical education. We see patterns and create solutions.

We saw the need to produce better outcomes in education, researched it, and branded our educational approach which we can share with you. Continuous EngagementTM

We saw organizations struggling with promotion and dissemination, and have developed the concept of Medical Inbound Marketing

We experienced, and know others do too, the continual training of CME faculty in the rules and procedures of CME, and created an automated training program called CME HelpDeskTM

3. Our Clients and Kudos

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We work with organizations both large and small, from large associations to entrepreneurs, world famous to start-ups. Before we start our work with you, we assure your project can achieve a good return on your investment.

We are responsive, consultative, creative, and experienced.
We manage projects using special software to assure that everyone is informed, all documents are in one place for easy access, and that tasks are organized and on time.

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4. Our Awards

InQuill staff have earned numerous awards in recognition of outstanding and original work in medical education and media.

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