Medical Communications Specialists

Since 2001 we’ve worked with everyone from: 

Individual Doctor Offices and Group Practices

Large Scale Multi-Year Research Projects

U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Jonathan Marx, MBA

How can we help you?

Let’s talk about how we can help your organization get your message out to the world.

Strategy, messaging, tactics, multi-media, audience generation, blogs, videos, learning modules?
We do it all.

Here are a five simple and key lessons we’ve learned in medical communications which make us expert in the field:

  • Focus on Patient Problem Solving

    When you look at the websites of most doctors’ offices or research projects, you will see a focus on what the physicians do.  They list treatments such as botox injections, spine realignment, acupuncture.
    InQuill helps you refocus not on what you do, but on solving the problems patients come to you with.  Patients want their problem solved, and they come readily when you have their solution clearly laid out.

  • In Research, Show What You Know

    Researchers often hold off communicating until their research is completed and their paper is written and accepted.
    InQuill helps researchers go back to basics and communicate what they know now so their reputation is well-established when new research results are published.  Build your audience with your expertise now – don’t wait til you are published.

  • When Writing Content, Plan Ahead

    We’re all busy.  When it comes to writing, the task often gets put off to the last minute.  Results can often be poor in terms of audience response.
    From years of teaching CDC Staff, InQuill can help you target your message based on audience demographics, summarize major points succinctly, organize your content, and communicate with keywords and language upon which your audience will act in preferred ways.

  • Use Multiple Media, Multiple Times

    When you want to communicate as an expert in a subject, you start at a completely level from your audience.  Experts often believe they simply have to present their material, and listeners will pick up and retain the information and recommendations.

    InQuill helps you communicate more effectively through multiple media, multiple times.  You have to say it more than once, and in different media.  Individuals have different learning styles, and repetition is required for retention and action.

  • Let Other Experts Help You

    Some offices try to do everything themselves, often in the belief it’s cheaper, or faster, or more responsive to your needs. Frequently, none of those expectations are true.

    When you work with InQuill, you benefit from our experience, expertise, tools and relationships. You can achieve results beyond your own expectations.