What kind of expertise might you need for your medical communications?

  • Website redesign or updating?

    A new website, or revamped website, that quickly and cleanly displays your message, and gets people to share contact information so you can create relationship?
    How intuitive is your website to use? How long do people visit your site?  How many pages do they view?  Do they opt-in with their information so you can communicate?  

  • Getting more website traffic?

    Do you want more website traffic? Do you want a successful social media program to bring visitors to your website?  Are you ranking for keywords on your website?
    Are you going for local reach?  Or targeting a particular audience?  Or want national or international attention?

  • Do you want to educate people?

    About your services, your project, your products?  Do you need to know effective educational techniques that create long-term learning, or drive action?
    Do you need cost effective technology to get your education produced and promoted?  Do you need accreditation for your content?

  • Do you want more people taking action?

    Are people doing what you want them to do?  Making appointments?  Buying products?  Enrolling for your programs? Are your website and promotional efforts producing the kinds of behaviors you want from those who are interested?

InQuill is an award-winning digital agency
specializing in medical and health sciences communications,
education and dissemination.

We craft your message, get your word out, and make it memorable.

1. Multi-media content creation
2. Social Media strategy and implementation
3. Online, and adult learning specialists
4. Dissemination expertise
5. Grant Applications
6. Project Management
7. Teaching what we know

— To craft messages across audiences and online platforms.
— To build a strong, consistent presence with responsive audiences.
— Experts in accredited learning, public education, and learning platforms.
— We market locally, nationally, and internationally.
— We assist your grant writing, with a great funding record.
— We manage deliverables and timelines across individuals and teams.
— We love teaching, and do so across multiple learning websites.

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Our Awards

Telly Awards 1995
Alliance for CME 2011 Award

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